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About the Author

Narelle S Duncan has been practising Naturopathy and Life-style Counselling on the Gold Coast, Australia since 1996.  She has lectured for many years at Naturopathic Academies teaching Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Counselling Psychology and supervised Clinical Practice.  Her wealth of knowledge has been immortalised within 4 volumes on Herbal Medicine and two volumes on Iridology.

Narelle is the founder and director of Healing via Nature, a company specialising in promoting health and wellbeing.  She specialises in infusing people with self-awareness, highlighting soul lessons and teachings.  Narelle provides knowledge and tools to get direction in life and stay 'on track' whether it's health, career, relationships or money.


Narelle created the "Soul Purpose Oracle Cards" a 48-card deck designed to help everyone understand their soul journey and purpose, making it accessible for everyone to know what they're here to learn and teach others!  The "Soul Purpose Oracle Cards" are available online for purchase.

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