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Iridology Books


Window to your Body & Soul


$8.50 P&H
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Perfect for Beginners

Begin your Iridology studies with the historical beginnings of iris diagnosis and the fore-fathers who mastered its technique.


Iridology Basic Skills is dedicated to the teachings of American Iridologist - Bernard Jensen.  Take a close look at the anatomy and physiology of the eye.  Learn the tools of the trade and equipment used in iris diagnosis.  Review the different types of topography maps and learn how to read Bernard Jensen's map (A4 size topography map included).


Iridology Book Content:

  • Eye anatomy and physiology

  • Iris diagnostic equipment

  • Topography maps

  • Examining the iris

  • Iris by constitution

  • Stages of disease

  • Iris markings and signs

  • Pupil signs

  • Speciality: iris markings of the digestive system

  • Glossary of terms


A4 American Topography Iris Map included

Full colour photos of every iris sign


Getting to the Heart of Healing


$8.50 P&H
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Perfect for Advanced

Go beyond the basics of iris diagnosis and learn the detailed and indepth European analysis of the eye.


Iridology Advanced Skills provides extensive coverage of German doctor Josef Angerer's iris constitutional types.  Go beyond the basic iris fibre structures to discover lymphatic, hepatic, endocrine and neuro constitutions.  It includes an expansion on the types and definitions of lacunae, heterochromia, iris signs, pupil signs and includes an introduction into sclerology!


Iridology Book Content:

  • European Iridology systems

  • Examining the iris

  • Topography maps

  • European constitutions

  • Iris markings and heterochromia

  • over 20 Lacunae signs with iris photos

  • Advanced signs - diameters & transversals

  • Pupil signs

  • Sclerology basics - 18 signs

  • Glossary of terms



A4 German Topography Iris Map included

Full colour photos of every iris sign

Soul Purpose Oracle Cards


Consult the wisdom of the ancients using time honoured astrological  & numerological techniques to reveal your destiny.


Using your birth date and the guidebook you'll reveal your life lessons, sacred contract, past life and numerology life path.


Use them daily for guidance and to stay on track with your soul purpose.

The 'Soul Purpose Oracle Cards' include a 48 card deck and guidebook to help you discover your soul purpose.  Consult the oracle to discover your:-


  •     life lessons

  •     life teachings

  •     past life

  •     numerology life path

Gain insight into how to align with your soul purpose including behaviours to develop, affirmations, past life talents, sacred teaching contracts and your destiny path.  You can discover anyone's life purpose with just their birth date using the guide book included.

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